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      Changzhou Chuanggao Electronic Technology Co.. td. Changzhou Chuanggao Electronic Tech.nology Co.. Ltd. continuously develops new high frequency induction heating equipment, mediumfrequency induction heating equipment, ultra audio eguipment. ultra high freauency induction heat.ing equipment, cold welding machine. mold repair machine and other series products on the basis othe original automatic control system.

      The company has many vears of professional experience in manufacturing induction heatinoower supplv, high standard design, precision processing, using imported famous brand components, to build high-frequency induction heating equipment, welding equipment, and with its excel.lent quality, stable performance, superior price performance ratio. to the greatest extent to meet theinterests and needs of customersHigh quality and innovative products, professional and rigorous management, comprehensivtechnical support and services, make the company's products quickly occupy the market, sold tomore than 20 provinces and cities in China, deeply praised by customers.in terms of management responsibility, quality inspection, design audit, production proceduresand customer service. the company is com mitted to customer continuous satisfaction in strict accor.dance with ISO9001 international quality management system standards.Adhering to the consistent business philosophy of "everything for customers", we strive forperfection, spare no effort, improve product quality and service quality, and provide customers withmore competitive products to adapt to the changing challenges.In line with the principle of customer first, chuanggao people put "careful manufacturing andattentive service" into every link of product production and sales. No matter before. during and afteisales, chuanggao people will sincerely cooperate with new and old customers with high-quality prod.ucts and high-quality service as always.